From Pallets to Trendy Creations

Wooden pallets are primarily used for shipping and transporting goods that will be lifted by a forklift or pallet jack.  While it is a stable method of transferring goods from place to place, pallets also make a great foundation for several different do it yourself home projects.

There are many different pallet types available for upcycling.  Upcycling is a way to reuse discarded objects and materials to create a higher quality and more valuable product.  Upcycling can easily add value to an everyday item that might have otherwise been thrown away.  Pallets can be used for a variety of things such as: shelves, picture frames, cabinets, desks, or toy boxes, just to give a few examples of its versatility and many household uses.  The next question in your mind might be, where can I acquire wooden pallets for free or at a discounted price?  Depending on your area and their recycling programs, you could check your local pet supply stores or grocery stores, or other stores that carry big items like furniture stores and hardware stores.  You can also check online.

While choosing wooden pallets you need to watch out for wood that might not be safe to use.  Wood that is stained or oily looking, extra heavy, or contains too many nails, is wood you want to stay away from.  You don’t want any wood that looks like it is rotting or could have been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals.  Scrub the pallets down with bleach and soapy water and let them dry completely before beginning your project.  This process will kill any bacteria that might be living on or in the wood. Just remember that wood is porous, and the bacteria might run deeper.  Be careful of the pallets and the locations you get them from.  Try to find newer wood pallets if possible.

Despite these precautions, you should still wear gloves when handling the pallets and safety glasses when you are ready to dismantle the pallets and separate all the planks.  Always be mindful of nails and remember to have fun with it.  Upcycling wooden pallets is a great way to save money and create beautiful pieces for your home yourself.  You can take ordinary planks of wood and turn them into something trendy, useful, and expensive looking, and all you are spending is some of your time and patience.

Wooden Pallets overview

Shipping pallets have found a prominent place all through-out history as reliable transportation structures for stably supporting goods while being processed and moved by crane or a jacking device. Pallets can be found in many different shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials like paper, metal and plastic although they’re most commonly constructed from wood.

Most pallets fall into one of two broad categories, stringer pallets or block pallets. A stringer pallets structure consists of three or ore pieces of lumber called stringers which the top deck supports are attached to. These types of pallets are generally less sturdy than block pallets and are by design better suited for forklift transportation.

Block pallets are constructed with both parallel and perpendicular stringers to create a stronger structure. These types of wooden pallets are better suited for long transportation.
Shipping pallets are most often constructed from wood but come in a variety of different materials. Softwood pallets are the cheapest and are often discarded as trash after a job has been completed. Hardwood pallets or block pallets are often returned to the sender or sold after use.

Wooden pallets have taken the place of a lot of containerization because of the decrease in expense. Most wooden pallets are capable of supporting nearly two thousand pounds making them a light and efficient way to support and transport large quantities of goods. There are companies nationwide that provide customers with the ability to choose what kind of pallets and the material they are made of and have them delivered at job sites.