Wooden Pallet Recycling Done Right

If your company works on logistics and involves heavy containers and other heavy things, the using wooden pallets would be your basic needs. They are very easy to look for everywhere and one of the biggest company is the Houston pallets. There are a lot of pallets made of different materials available on the market, but wooden pallets are still the most popular one. They are useful and harmful at the same time, but still, the advantages of using the wooden ones becomes the main trigger of people’s preference.

The advantages of Using Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets is the main option for people who works with shipments and deal with containers. And this is why recycling pallets is absolutely needed. You can see the major factors that influence people to choose this.


This pallets are just affordable and inexpensive containers and you can get this almost everywhere at very low prices compared to other options for pallets you can get including metal and plastic. Most of the client who wants to purchase pallets will as well choose the low budget containers that can be reusable at ease. Therefore, the wooden pallets is still the best option people have for a container.

Durable and strong

Although almost of these pallets are cheap but it does not mean that they don’t have enough durability to resist heavy and bulky materials on them.The durability of this material is awesome as well as having reliable structure to be used as containers accommodating huge cargo in them.

Easily available

The easiness to find these pallets becomes the main reason for people to choose this kind of pallets as their primary. The clients as well like to purchase these pallets because there is no time wasted during the shipping process for searching out pallets made of specific materials that are usually not available for the clients.

Can be Repaired easily

Damaged wooden pallets are so easy to handle. You can perform the repair simply by putting in small nails with hammer. You don’t need to have certain expertise to repair them.


You can recycle wood pallets easily without need of any special skills. You just need to use your own creativity and you will be able to convert them into many things such as flower beds, fences and tables.

High level friction

The main feature of wood pallets are their high friction on different surfaces which makes less chance of slipping the contained materials.


Wood pallets are not the perfect tool since it is made from organic material.

Exposed to bacterial growth

As stated before, the wooden pallets are made out of woods, which is organic and is vulnerable with various bacteria growth. You should handle these with extra care if you don’t want them to produce unpleasant smell and texture.

Can develop fungus

As well as bacterias, they are also vulnerable to fungus, so you should keep them dry or put them under intense sunlight once a week.

Difficult to clean

Because of its texture, wooden pallets are also very tough to clean.

Living Inside Pallets? Affordable Pallet Homes Now An Option

Two architects, Susan Wines and Azin Valy, wanted to rebuild homes for refugees in Kosovo using recycled materials. It was hard to decide what materials to use until Wines tripped over a wooden pallet. She decided to try making pallet homes.

About 21 million wooden pallets are dumped into landfills around the world. The architects said they could house over 210,000 refugees with their pallet home design. The design is built in only a few days using power tools. The pallets would come from products shipped to the country and recycling the wooden pallets.

The homes are 100 to 300 square feet in size. Many have sleeping lofts, tables, and furniture made from pallets and a deck outside to sit on. A 250 square foot home needs approximately 100 pallets to build it. The cost of these homes are $500 to $3,000. Wines hopes they can be used in areas with refugees or people who need quick housing.

Homes have been made of pallets before because they are usable and easy to recycle. They come in standard sizes around the world. In 2008 two students from the University of Vienna designed the Paletten Haus using pallets. It won the 2008 GAUDI European Student Competition on Sustainable Architecture.

This house was made out of pallets and was modular and energy efficient. It was affordable for low income housing. The student designers went to South Africa to design a unit that would be 11 square feet. In this home, two layers serve as the walls and ceiling and sunscreen for shade and ventilation. Insulation, plumbing, and support are put in-between the two layers.

Insulation used is recycled material often cellulose, blown spray foam, or straw. The interiors have pallet walls and windows that are installed and sliding glass doors. To build a 655 square foot home over 800 pallets are used. This is another are of the country the pallet home is being used.