It’s all about the quality and consistency of your tweets to gain the following

How can you triple your twitter following in a short amount of time? It takes consistency and just about 10 minutes per day. In a matter of months, you can triple your twitter followers through this quick technique.

The question you should ask yourself is: are you tweeting quality content and are you doing so on a consistent basis? If not, how much time per day are you willing to put in to find a list of 10 quality articles for others to read that will hold their interests?

The first secret to getting more twitter followers is to set up a series of tweets, which can actually take very little time – maybe 10 minutes per week. Because of the tweet series (meaning spread out tweets), twitter followers will begin growing. Growing your tweet following has nothing to do with growth or user experience. When you release a series of tweets, you will start to see more and more followers appear. For consistent building of followers, this is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

By tweeting content that is both high quality and sharable, making it relatable to your business interests and then maximizing who sees it. You do this by sharing your content and tagging it with other – more popular – hashtags. What makes this so successful is the combination of high quality and extremely sharable content, mixed in with other more popular hashtags.

The content must be highly shareable. When you do a search for sharable content, include the most accurate keywords relating to that subject. Include those keywords also in your tweet. There will be new followers and re-tweets you will find when combining good quality content with popular hashtags.

Your presence on Twitter will be greatly enhanced when you tweet high quality content connected to your business niche. If you show yourself to be a source of great content, people will want to follow you. Some followers will check out your profile more closely.

With awesome and valuable content, your Twitter feed can gain followers by the dozens. When you are looked at as an authority on your business niche, people will begin to trust you and want to follow you. Tweeting the content as high quality and meaningful will become a factor in getting people to be wanting your services and are willing to pay for them. You will never have to think to have to buy twitter followers. They will be wanting to pay you for your service and product!


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